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Updated: Feb 10

It’s now in the 21st century. The days that you advertise in the local newspaper are fading. (although not gone).

Meet John

John has a website but he doesn't know whether or not it is bringing him customers. Every year he gets the charge for the domain to keep it online and he asks himself, “Is this really helping my business?” but he pays it because it gives him a good feeling to have his business online. And tomorrow he’s a little giddy because that short form he put on the website got filled out and he has a new lead!

What if we could change this story? 

John’s website is an intentional part of his marketing strategy. He knows how many people visit every day and he knows how many of those visitors go on to be leads that he is able to talk with. Better yet, he is able to track what percent of those leads become customers. Now he can calculate his return on investment on his website. If he decides to invest in marketing avenues that raise the numbers of visitors on his website he can then calculate, with reasonable accuracy, what return he will get on this investment.

Now his only problem is to find how to continue maintaining and building this presence online so that it doesn’t take away from his time on the job.

After an online search with many possible options, John reaches out to Prosynergy. 

Here’s what that looked like for him:

  1. He was able to schedule an initial 30 min call right from Prosynergy’s website, choosing the time that best worked for him.

  2. With a preliminary audit on his website, Prosynergy joined this call and talked with him about his goals for his online presence and why he reached out to talk

  3. John signed up for a full marketing audit, free if prosynergy takes on his marketing

  4. With results from the full marketing audit, John is able to make the best decision on how to move forward. He can take the audit and use it to execute his own marketing better or…  He can ask prosynergy to execute his marketing for him.

  5. In this case, for the purpose of this article😀, John chooses Prosynergy.

With Prosynergy now working on his website and utilizing new digital avenues to bring interested visitors to his website, John can once again focus on the work that he enjoys and leave the marketing to someone who understands it. 

What is Prosynergy’s commitment to John? 

  1. Prosynergy will rebuild the website following best seo practices and implementing user experience techniques

  2. Prosynergy will post on the most relevant social media platforms for his business (decided by John with Prosynergy’s recommendations)

  3. Prosynergy will run paid google and facebook ads, optimized to get valuable results

  4. Prosynergy will continue optimizing on page seo to get better organic results

  5. Or a combination of the above and any additions that are needed for Johns desired results

  6. Prosynergy will provide reports that allow John to know what his return on his marketing investment actually is.

Be like John

Make your website an intentional and measurable part of your digital marketing. Schedule your initial 30 min. call today.

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